Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Ryan and The Boreman Team

Hi.  Thanks for putting down the bore last week.  You've got a great team and it was a very seamless operation.

I guess the time has come to pay.  Can you please send through an invoice with payment details.

Many thanks.
Jennie O'Hare

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Matt's back Blogging

Hi All I'm back on the blog. This is a learning curve for me and hopefully for anyone interested in water bores in Perth.

The purpose of this blog is to record some FAQ's in relation to bores and bore repairs.

Hopefully it will increase you knowledge base so if you decide to buy a water bore or need to repair a water bore you will be more informed too what to ask your installer.

Water bores are expensive to install (average water bore in Perth is about $3,500 to $4,500) so I believe that you are much better to look for better value for money than the best price.

Often the cheapest initial price is not the best value for money. If your bore was to break down then the average cost of repair is $1,500 to $2,000. I have found that the cheaper bores last between 2-7 years and the better quality last between 15 and 25 years.

To give you an example imagine buying a $3,500 water bore with a cheap pump and a 1 year warranty and finding you have to spend $1500 to change the pump in a couple of years. Then imagine if you replace the pump with the same brand and have to replace it again in another few years. We see this scenario often. Our advice is always to buy a pump with a 3 year warranty at least and a bore with a 10 year warranty at least.

Regards Matt Ferguson http://www.boreman.com.au I have installed over 7000 water bores in perth and they are all running today.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perth ground water and bore water

Hi there all of you that read this blog LOL thats only you Donna-Lee I thought I would write to the Blog every Night for 15 Minutes and hopefully I will end up with a enough information to publish an E-book on water bores and ground water in Perth WA. LOL Really all I am trying to do is to learn how to touch type without making mistakes.

Perth Ground Water:

When a new house is built in the Perth Metro area then about 700m2 of trees and vegetation is removed and replaced by 450 metres of house garage, paving, driveway and swimming pool. The net affect of this is that instead of 5% of the rain soaking into the ground ( the balance is used by the trees and vegetation) then 40% of the rain soaks into the ground water table.

This means that in most parts of Perth the ground water levels are rising and have to be drained into the river or the ocean.

Therefore it is logical that the best way to use rainwater is to install a garden bore and to recycle that beautiful rainwater onto your garden.

The current water atlas supplied by the water corporation gives maps of the suburbs that are drained and shows the roots of the drains. If I was less computer challenged I would post one on this blog. LOL (I'm smiling again) I will try to post something useful (picture that is) tomorrow night. LOL I am smiling because I am thinking WOW what a challenge

The water corporation is currently giving Perth homeowners a $300 rebate on the cost of a bore to try to encourage people to install bores.

They do this to save our drinking water from being used on the garfen. Currently 54% of water used by Perth housholds is used on gardens.

See You Tomorrow

Matt Ferguson The Boreman.

Monday, March 31, 2008

All about water bores perth Wa

Hi Donna-Lee

I thought I would write a blog about water bores in Perth WA as an exercise in communication. Water bores in Perth are the only thing that I can claim to be expert ( just LOL ). The greatest complaint I receive is that tradesmen do not communicate. Hopefully this blog may help in that communication for Perth water bore owners and installers. Hopefully as I discover points of fact and or interest I will summarise them on a web page for easy reference. (www.boreman.com.au)

I am writing to my Daughter Donna-Lee so that she can check my spelling and grammar LOL. I find it easier to write to a person rather than a nameless person who may or may not read this blog. Hope you don't mind Donna-Lee.

I intend to learn how to touch type in the process so my daily entries may get longer as I attempt to type while looking at the screen. This may be similar to learning a new language. I will link this blog to my face book account so you can see who I am LOL. I just love writing those three letters LOL every time I do I find myself smiling. LOL LOL LOL LOL now I am laughing at my own small mind LOLOLOLOLOLOL:

Every day I will pick a part of a water bore that needs explaining and write a paragraph about it.

Electronic Pump Protection (EPP) and Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)

The question usually is what happens if my solenoid valves fail to open and my pump is still running?


The pump will continue to run with no water flowing (This is called Dead Ending) so the pump will over heat and eventually it will fail. The Solution is to fit a PRV (pressure relief valve) or a EPP ( Electronic Pump Protector) I find that the PRV do not work that well as most gardens have one station that is only using micros at high pressure. this means that the PRV must be set so high it often will not work when the pump is dead ended.

The other problem with PRV is that the require yearly maintenance to make sure that they will work when they need to. Usually the bore works fine for a few years and the PRV is forgotten about, not maintained and fails to operate when needed. Usual cost to replace pump motor Approx $1100. EPP's are great safety devices because they are electrical and do not need any maintenance ever. They will protect your pump for the life of the pump and to date I have never seen or heard of one failing. If you are buying a submersible Pump then I suggest you ask your installer to to fit a EPP instead of or in conjunction with a PRV.

Average cost of a PRV $70 and an EPP is $150 I also find that my customers always fit a EPP after they have had to spend $1000 on replacing a motor. Do yours when you first install your new Submersible Pump and you will never thank me because if you fit a PRV EPP combination you will never know know that it saved your pump LOL .

Sometimes it is good to not know what you don't know LOL LOL

See you Donna-Lee if you not understand this please send me an email.

The Boreman

Ps I am still smilin and I only wrote 6 LOLs